Jackass Junkie

13 December 1982

Sometimes, the last thing you want comes in first.
Sometimes, the first thing you want never comes.

So you're wondering who's he 'jackass' huh? Damn, you're hopeless! LOL

Let's say I have a soft spot for heroes in leather jacket and jackassery. So, basically my favourite jackass is Logan Echolls from 'Veronica Mars'. He's tremendously sexy and charming and God knows..I'll leave this..

But let's not forget Oliver Queen a.k.a. Green Arrow from 'Smallville', the Winchester brothers of 'Supernatural', Noah 'Puck' Puckerman of 'Glee' and (John) Mitchell of 'Being Human'. Everyone of them is a fair game *grins*
This is my first real introduction. I never introduced myself properly since I opened this journal, so I think it's about time. LOL

Most of you already know me, but you know what they say repetita juvant. For the ones who want to know a little about me..here we go.

Here's some quick facts about me:

My name's Eleonora, but on the internet someone knows me better as Freezing. So, since my first fandom ever was ' Charmed ' back in 1999 and that Piper is my favourite sister..the very first time I ever registered to a board I picked up ' the 'freezing Piper' . Cause I LOVE her power, freeze time. Oh I wish I could! Then, I believe in 2002 when I seriously started my internet (meaning I got my first pc) life I decided my username had to be shorter and easier to recall, so..'freezing'. 82 stands for 1982. And not because of George Orwell's book, but because that's my year of birth. Nothing more nothing less :P.
I don't want you to understand all this crazy stuff, but just take as I am..CRAZY!
My dream job is to become a movie critic (hopefully a good and nice one :P) someday.
I Like surfing the net, reading, go watching movies and listening to music. All kind of music, I'm an eclectic girl. I love travelling around Europe. I love Paris, but I'm not so fond of French people (personal experience). I'm sorry :P Old-style cartoons are my weakness. Give me a Walt Disney movie and I'm good!
Basically I like listening to every kind of music, but I can't stand heavy metal. Give me Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera, Michael Bublé, Anastacia, Muse, R.E.M. and I'm super-cool.
Thriller, musical and romantic comedies are my favourite movie kinds. I love The devil wears Prada, Bridget Jones' Diary, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, all Disney classics, Marvel and DCcomics based movies in general, but I can aldo deal with horrors sometimes.
Fantasy, mistery, legal-thriller and chick-lit are basically my favourite genres. I love John Grisham and Clive Cussler's books. I'm a big fan of the Harry Potter saga, the Twilight saga, In Death series, The Outlander series, Hyperversum saga, Vampire Academy, Evernight. I also chill out reading something more relaxing as Helen Fielding or Sophie Kinsella.
Veronica Mars: Logan, Veronica, Keith (LoVe all the way!)
Charmed: Piper, Leo, Cole. Piper&Leo
Roswell: Michael, Maria. Michael&Maria
Supernatural: Sam, Dean.
Smallville: Lois, Oliver, Clark, Chloe. Lois&Oliver, Lois&Clark
Gossip Girl: Dan, Chuck, Blair. Blair&Chuck, Dan&Serena.
Harry Potter saga: Harry, Hagrid, Minerva McGonagall, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, Draco. Harry&Ginny, Hermione&Ron, and all canon pairings
Twilight saga: Alice, Edward, Bella. Edward&Bella, Jaster&Alice and all canon pairings. Can't stand Bella/Jacob though
Glee: Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel, Puck. Rachel&Puck
Legend of the Seeker: Richard, Kahlan, Cara, Zedd. Richard&Kahlan.
Being Human: Annie, Mitchell, George.
White Collar: Neal, Peter and Diana.
The Vampire diaries: Bonnie, Jeremy, Caroline. Matt&Caroline.
And..I basically watch every single show on FoxCrime
Special PEOPLE
I keep almost all my entries public, especially all my arts, since this is also my graphics journal. Sometimes though I feel the need to post a friends-only entry, for private reasons. You're free to friend me if you want to keep an eye on my graphics or my frequent ranting (LOL) but please keep in mind that I won't add you back automatically if I don't know you at all.
Don't take that personally ;)
crackified, cartonage, the icon table generator, tiny icon generator, _excentric_, Stefania (for the beautiful profile and layout banners).
Last but not least, Tomorrow Brings for this profile layout code.
Credits for all my graphics can be found at my artfolio, Ray of Lust
Here's a list of the (virtual) places where I like to spend my time. Such as..my domain and my graphics portfolio, my Twitter and aNobii accounts and my favourite community.