Eleonora (freezing_82) wrote,

Pimping time! TWLT LIMS!

This is the first time for me participating in a LIMS (last Icon Maker Standing) community, even if I've been watching LIMS challenges for a very long time.
If you love the Twilight saga AND making icons, this is your chance to express yourself! twlt_lims  is different from any other Lims community. The icon-makers participating to the contest are the ONLY ones to vote in the challenges. I think it's a system fair to all and that's the main reason that convinced me to join.
So if you're intrested, here's where to find more info and rules:

This is not your average LIMS (last icon maker standing) contest! At twlt_lims YOU, the participants, choose who moves on to the next challenge through an entirely new method of voting. Go here to check out how it works & to sign up!
Tags: pimp!
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