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New dress

It's time for a fresh look for this journal.
This is what I had:
I loved my Lois&Oliver layout but after almost 2 years I felt like I needed a change.
I had a lot of PC trouble and it's been so long since I last opened Photoshop that I seriously doubt I still remember how to make an icon LOL
So, thanks to the amazing and talented eowyn127  ♥ I now have this beautiful new header featuring Ashley Greene *me loves her so much* And Jackass Junkie is also featuring a brand new Glee moodtheme made by doesnotsway .
Coding and css is mine. I put a lot of effort (not being an expert in the matter) and a lot of time setting this up, so you guys let me know what you think and please tell me if you notice any flaws so I can fix them.

That's all about it for now. Kudos everyone!
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