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Jackass Junkie has a new skin

As you can probably see I've changed layout , profile page and header to my journal. Nothing too elaborated, just little changes but I like it.
I originally made this header for the contest @lion_lamb , it didn't win and I decided to use it myself with a little editing, of course, of the text.
I had the whole layout/profile set and ready two months ago but couldn't find the time to arrange a proper change. Do you like it? Let me know what you think!
The coding is all mine so please do not copy this.

I also have an icon batch ready to be posted, I know it's been a while since I've made some.
So, if you've sticked around for all this time wondering if I'd be making some more icons, I wanna say thank you, first of all. And secondly..icons+wallpapers are on their way ;)
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Percy Jackson: Libro VS Film 100 a 0!

Ho aspettato a fare la recensione di questo libro perchè volevo vedere anche il film.
Come sempre più spesso ormai accade, il mondo del cinema attinge materiale dalla narrativa. Scrivere una sceneggiatura cosiddetta 'originale' evidentemente è troppo complicato.

E di norma, non ci sarebbe nulla di male. A meno che, come in questo caso, più che un film tratto da un libro, mi son trovata davanti ad un film liberamente (molto, molto liberamente) ispirato ad un libro.
Infatti, i nomi dei personaggi principali - e non - sono pressochè invariati, quello che cambia - in modo quasi imbarazzante - è la TRAMA, ovvero l'ELEMENTO ESSENZIALE di una sceneggiatura tratta da un libro, che si suppone sia identica ad esso.
Se siete andati al cinema con questo presupposto, dopo aver letto il libro, immagino siate rimasti parecchio delusi.

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LIMS Round 2

So, Round 2 @ twlt_lims  has started a few weeks ago and we're working on the entries for challenge 3 already.

I've been neglecting my LJ for too long, so I didn't even have the chance to tell you that I won Round 1! <3
The lovely mod, e_transitions ,  made some awesome 'hall of fame' banner to celebrate the winners. Here's mine:

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Soy una Furia Roja!

I'm not Spanish but this never was a problem. As soon as the Italian team was off the World Cup competition I started cheering for Spain, as I did during Euro 2008.
It's a great team, they're all young and they play the kind of football I like. Fast, funny, entertaining.
Plus they're all cute and most importantly they ARE happy when they play. Happiness is the first thing a football player should feel when he plays.

So I'm really really happy they won the world cup. I'm happy for the players, the team and for all the Spanish people!
I can't help myself from feeling like a Furia Roja today! <3

PS: Fernando Torres should be illegal <3
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LIMS frenzy!

The first challenge for Round 1 of twlt_lims  is over and my icon is one of the two featured icons (the icon that receives more 'like' votes is the featured icon of the challenge).
I even got a celebrative banner:

I couldn't be happier. It's the first time I ever took part in a LIMS community.

Thanks so much to everyone who voted for me and I can't wait to go to work for challenge #2. The provided pictures are really great!
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Pimping time! TWLT LIMS!

This is the first time for me participating in a LIMS (last Icon Maker Standing) community, even if I've been watching LIMS challenges for a very long time.
If you love the Twilight saga AND making icons, this is your chance to express yourself! twlt_lims  is different from any other Lims community. The icon-makers participating to the contest are the ONLY ones to vote in the challenges. I think it's a system fair to all and that's the main reason that convinced me to join.
So if you're intrested, here's where to find more info and rules:

This is not your average LIMS (last icon maker standing) contest! At twlt_lims YOU, the participants, choose who moves on to the next challenge through an entirely new method of voting. Go here to check out how it works & to sign up!
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New dress

It's time for a fresh look for this journal.
This is what I had:
I loved my Lois&Oliver layout but after almost 2 years I felt like I needed a change.
I had a lot of PC trouble and it's been so long since I last opened Photoshop that I seriously doubt I still remember how to make an icon LOL
So, thanks to the amazing and talented eowyn127  ♥ I now have this beautiful new header featuring Ashley Greene *me loves her so much* And Jackass Junkie is also featuring a brand new Glee moodtheme made by doesnotsway .
Coding and css is mine. I put a lot of effort (not being an expert in the matter) and a lot of time setting this up, so you guys let me know what you think and please tell me if you notice any flaws so I can fix them.

That's all about it for now. Kudos everyone!
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FanFic (ITA): Family portrait - PG

Titolo: Family portrait
Autore: freezing_82 
Personaggi: Edward e Rosalie principalmente. Menzioni di Carlisle ed Esme. Edward POV.
Pairing: Nessuno in particolare a parte Carlisle/Esme. La fanfiction è pre-Twilight.
Rating: PG.
Spoilers: Nessuno. La fanfiction è pre-Twilight, ma potrebbero esserci vaghi riferimenti a Midnight Sun.
Warnings: Riferimenti a violenza ed abusi.
Summary: I Cullen sono una famiglia non troppo convenzionale.
Word count: 4978

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So excited!!

This is my first icon-maker nomination ever!
A few of my Veronica Mars icons were nominated in ROUND #3  @vmarsawards , so I'm feeling really really hyper at the moment!
The categories I was nominated in are:
  • Life Outside Neptune: Best actor/actress icon (In photo-shoots, magazine, outside of their roles in VM)
  • Karate Chop: Best cropped icon (with 2 icons!)
  • Ownage!: Best complex icon

If you're intrested in voting or simply take a look at all the entries, go HERE.

A BIG Thank you to sanya4  who nominated me.